Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gari (Japanese pickled ginger)

This pickled ginger is specially unbeatable with nori rolls. We used to buy this at asian stores year and years ago, but soon came to realize that these are mostly packed with sugar and food coloring and consequently we stopped buying it. Then recently I thought whynot make it at home?!!!

You need Ginger. The freshest and the tenderest you can find, the better. Usually new/baby ginger is better, but I usually make it with normally found ginger and it works great!

Slice the ginger as thin as possible! If you hve a 1 or 2 mm thin slicer in your food processor, use that. If not use a knife to cut it into super thin slices.

Now put his in a small container with a tight lid.

Fill it up with Apple cider vinegar to the top of ginger.

I also used to use some brown rice vinegar and some Mirin (rice cooking wine). You may also, if you want to experiment! These days I just use Apple-cidr vinegar.
The good thing is, it's ready to eat right away with noris. And it will keep almost 20-30 days in the fridge. The longer it sits the milder it will get.

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