Thursday, January 8, 2009

Raw Nori Spring Rolls

We always have a stack of Nori on hand.

Nori is the seaweed which is used to make Sushi with. It's is packed with lots of minerals!

These rolls are super easy and take no time to assemble, and you get to be creative with anything you might want to add in...

You can buy Nori any Asian Grocery store... That would be the cheapest, failing that ebay has some people seeling Nori. If all fails you can get some at a health food store but then it tends to be outregeoously expensive!

Fillings:Any or all of the following

Sprouts... any kind... we make our own and use a variety...

in the above picture I have used green lentil sprouts.

Any kinds of raw greens that you might fancy...

from lettuce to spinach...

Fresh herbs:

Again... mint/cilantro/parsley/spring onions.... whatever...


Grated Carrots or any other root vegetable.

I like to put some strong tasting like olives, but if are going to use any kind of dip, you don't have to.

Basically anything that you have handy :)


Just put some of hte above fillings on a nori sheet, and roll it up fairly tight. Now dip your fingers in a little water and wet the edges where the seam will be. Arange them on the serving plate with the seam side down, the seam will get "glued" to the roll!

Eat... (Crunch!) :)

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