Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bread Lessons - Sourdough Starter: Step-by-Step (Day 5)

The First Signs of Life!

Yesterday evening I really noticed that the starter "slurry" was too wet. I added another quarter cup of flour to it to make the consistency like a pancake batter, before it was like a crepe batter! ;)

And by the night time I saw the first signs of life... little bubbles!

This is how it looked this morning:

It's alive!!!

IMPORTANT: At this stage it you will get a whiff of it that is so nasty that you might want to toss it down the drain! :O STOP don't do that. Eventually the good guys will win. When the starer is ready it will have more of a fermenty smell, which might repel you too. But you'll get used to it soon.

Day 5
Again I saved a 1/4 c of this and discarded the rest.
Added 1/4 c of flour and less than 1/4 of water (to make a panacake like batter.)

And let it sit again on the kitchen counter for the next 24 hours; stir it a few times.

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